Dennis is the husband of Julie Featherston and step dad of Katie and Kristi. ( The real father and husband of Julie is unknown ). After making a sex tape with Julie, an earthquake ensues and Dennis sees some dust fall on a figure and fall off. After Dennis realizes this on his videotape, he sets up cameras all over the house to make a paranormal activity and capture the events that go on in the house. He tries to convince Julie to listen to him, but she refuses to, claiming he's too obsessed with his cameras and she threatens to take them down. While he's at his mother-in-law's house, he finds a group of women apart of the women-in-black clan and he sees that his mother-in-law, Lois is apart of it. As he tries to escape, he finds his wife dead and Katie crying near her corpse. When Dennis touches Katie, she turns around with a devilish face and telepathically pushes him away and he hurts his leg. He crawls away and Lois encounters him. Toby uses his powers to snap Dennis' back in half and he dies.
Appeared in
Paranormal Activity 3
Also Known As
Den, Denny
Died in
Paranormal Activity 3
Cause of death
Broken Back
Stepfather of Katie and Kristi,

Husband of Julie,

Installer of their resident surveillance and the Grandma Louise house surveillance
Reason tested
Interference with Tobi's acquiring ofthe two girls
Julie (Late Wife),

Katie (Stepdaughter), Kristi (Stepdaughter), Randy Rosen (Bestfriend),

Grandma Louise (Murderer/Mother in Law),


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